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How to build a map

Choosing a map marker location

Step 1

Look up and pin your recommended places – each pin shows a default description, picture, ratings, and more

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Step 2

Add your own descriptions and pictures for each place

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Connect places to create easy-to-follow itineraries for your readers & color code different routes

Select from multiple colors and icons

Step 4

Customize pins with different colors and icon types

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Embed the map by copying and pasting the code directly onto your site

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Frequently asked questions

Is Wanderlog's map free?

Wanderlog's map is 100% free, forever. When planning our own travels, we've always thought that maps are a huge help, so want to make sure it's accessible to as many writers as possible.

What's in it for Wanderlog?

Our maps include our logo and a link back to Wanderlog to introduce our brand to more travelers. More broadly, the easier it is for travelers to plan on the web, the more they'll do so, so we're invested in making the online travel info easier-to-use with maps.

Will our content be duplicated on Wanderlog?

No: our maps are marked as not to be indexed by search engines with a "noindex" tag, so they will not recognize the maps as duplicates of the content of your blog post.

Can you help us make a map?

We can definitely walk you through it or make one as a sample! Give Peter and Harry, the co-creators of Wanderlog, a shout at with a link to your blog post, and we can give it a try!