Racketball is a great sport, played on squash courts. The ball is larger, resulting in a longer time before it bounces and more time to play. It is therefore a bit easier on the body than squash, but still an exciting and tactical game.

The club has an internal racketball box league. If you’ve never seen racketball played, here’s a short video featuring Darryl Selby, the England squash player:

If you’re used to playing squash. here are the differences to the rules when playing racketball:

1. Before serving, the ball must be dropped or thrown on to the floor, without touching the wall. You don’t just hit it with the racket! You get two serves, like in tennis. If you miss both, it’s a double fault and you lose the point.

2. The serve needs to be above the tin and to drop in the same quarter of the court as in squash, but can be served above or below the squash service line.

3. A service is a fault:
(a) if the ball touches the back wall before touching the floor, or
(b) if it is not bounced on the floor before serving.

If the ball hits the back wall directly from a serve, your opponent may play it, but doesn’t have to; if he or she doesn’t, you retake it (if it’s a first serve).

4. There are no strokes unless the ball hits any part of your opponent and is travelling to the front wall. Everything else is a let.

5. You play to 11, not to 15. If the score is 10-10, a player must be two clear points ahead to win. American scoring – score on every point, not just when you’re the server.

Apart from that, the rules are the same.