Covid rules and regulations


Spetember 2020

Dartington Squash and Racketball Club (DSRC) will reopen to members in adherence with government guidance and restrictions, as well as advice from England Squash. In order to do so, members will have to adhere to guidance and maintain social distancing.

If you wish to begin using the DSRC courts again, you will need to read and agree to the terms below. Once you have done this, you will be issued with a new code for the door and a password for the booking system which must be used for all court usage. 

Thank you for understanding and please help us keep DSRC a safe place for all of our members.


  • We will continue to manage the club, its policies, and its finances so that all members can continue to play squash, as safely as possible.
  • We will stay abreast of updates from the UK Government and England Squash.
  • We will provide up to date information to all members.
  • We will maintain a cleaning rota and have this available for members to check using the notice boards.
  • We will provide supplies for cleaning and hand sanitising.
  • We will manage the booking system and monitor the club to ensure that it is a safe environment for all members
  • We will provide updates whenever these rules change.



For the safety of yourself, our members, and our families, we trust that you will read these rules thoroughly and adhere to them until further notice.

By attending Dartington Squash and Racketball Club members accept all risks associated with visiting these premises, including those related to the transmission of COVID-19. Members and visitors at the premises are responsible for their own health and safety and DSRC and the committee are not liable for members’ actions. 

DSRC will take measures to support members and visitors to engage in safe sporting activities. 


Members and visitors are not allowed onsite if they feel unwell or show any COVID-19 symptoms.

Any member who has recovered from a COVID-19 infection where symptoms required hospitalisation should consult their GP before returning to play.

Members/visitors and staff are not permitted onsite if they have been in contact with anyone who has been unwell with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 during the two weeks prior.

Any member/visitor who becomes unwell or shows COVID-19 symptoms after visiting the club/venue must follow NHS guidance AND must declare this to the club by emailing so that we can support track and trace of the virus. 


DO have a confirmed court booking using the online system at

DO leave the courts promptly at the end of your booking so that other members can use the courts without the facility getting crowded.

DO NOT share the booking system password or new door code with any non-members.

DO cancel any bookings you are not able to attend

DO NOT block book courts

DO sign in using the sign-in sheet when arriving at the courts


DO NOT attend if you haven’t booked to play. Only players to attend. No spectators / visitors.

DO NOT use the changing rooms. Changing rooms will remain closed. You must arrive ready to play and shower / change at home.

DO use the hand sanitiser provided on entry and exit of the club.

DO NOT use the water fountain. Bring your own water bottle.


DO bring all of your own equipment, including a personal towel for sweat, in a bag. Keep this bag somewhere where you can access it without breaking social distancing, such as at the front of the court.

DO use the cleaning products provided at the club’s cleaning stations to wipe down surfaces you may have touched such as door handles.

DO NOT wipe your sweaty hands on the walls.


DO use the courts for one of the following three activities:

  1. Solo hitting: One person on their own on court.
  2. Bubble play: Normal squash or racketball with one person from your household / support / squash bubble
  3. “Sides”: Playing with one person outside of your bubble, maintaining social distance by using half the court each. Only one player can handle the ball and touch the door handle. See for more details

DO NOT use the courts for any activity other than those described above.


The DSRC committee will make random spot checks of the courts to ensure the booking system is being used appropriately.

The DSRC committee reserves the right to respond in any of the following ways should it find evidence of the rules being broken by a member:

  • Ban usage of the courts for the duration of these measures.
  • Issue an invoice for additional cleaning required as a result of the rules being broken.
  • Revoke or suspend membership. 

Any reports of these rules being broken by a member will be investigated by the committee.